Saturday, October 24, 2009

sometimes you just take the picture

Standing on the side of road with the camera in my hand, sometimes you just take the picture. The joy of mid controls.

what light shines

All the name builders have fancy shops,floor lifts,hired help... Simple men just pile shit where they can , For my ironhead the build is going on in my bedroom, today it was lets mock up some bars.. I am going to figure out what I want and give Jason @ Special79 or Nick @ Rockschops some mesurements...

I been beatin myself down over a oil tank, I dont want a round tank, the look of a kick only, K model or early XL wraparound would look kick ass but I dont have 300 bucks to throw at one, so a 20.00 used lunchbox tank is going in there..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Seat for the Hugger

This bike will be a project for a long time. I cut the seat down with a bread knife. Gel pad from a bicycle seat, it does not help.
covered with duct tape and rode out the summer,

pulled a old vest off the hanger and covered .it rides rough & makes my whole body numb, I love it.

Bad JuJu

Kawasaki Vulcan VN8oo ,my buddy Greg was rolling along and rear wheel just locked up, the culprit was found after the local dealer blew smoke up his ass and never pulled it apart.
here's the damage, rod bent

head gougedlot of damage from this little bastard...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

19th nervous breakdown

I should have just shoved sharp sticks in my eye,or said fuck it ride what you got, but no I wanted to build a rigid deathtrap...I scratched up a old frame with a weld on & a set of forks,pulled a the fender ,front wheel and a headlight out of the closet, hit e-bay for a rear wheel.
The frame had a little lift and needed some love.......

Thats more better got the front centered up,shaved the reflector blocks,brake anchor & fender mounts off.

The donor tank had so much bondo it had to be chiseled off. Should have left it wall art.

Found a kick only,magnito motor up in Ohio..... a days vacation ,some fuel money thrown at my brother and I had a personal chauffeur...
trying to get the oil tank mocked up & decide on a seat.I got to get my finger outa my ass on this thing.


I needed a bike something to just I spent a few months looking at late model Harleys .I picked up a 04 FXDX and thought ok that will do.....after 3 +years l changed the bars a couple of times,went to a solo seat.. this thing rides like a garden tiller.


I been getting alot of stickers lately,a few get special treatment. One of Franks CHSS stickers and a cheap dollor store wall clock. Gotta show some sportster love along the way...

What not to do to a FLH...

The state H.O.G rally hit mayberry this year. owner boast over 2000 lights ...a $3 can of flat black would have been better...

Thought I would throw up some pictures of the local color.

There are a couple of ways up all involve curves ... View from blue ridge parkway.

Fall color on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

more color