Tuesday, October 13, 2009

19th nervous breakdown

I should have just shoved sharp sticks in my eye,or said fuck it ride what you got, but no I wanted to build a rigid deathtrap...I scratched up a old frame with a weld on & a set of forks,pulled a the fender ,front wheel and a headlight out of the closet, hit e-bay for a rear wheel.
The frame had a little lift and needed some love.......

Thats more better got the front centered up,shaved the reflector blocks,brake anchor & fender mounts off.

The donor tank had so much bondo it had to be chiseled off. Should have left it wall art.

Found a kick only,magnito motor up in Ohio..... a days vacation ,some fuel money thrown at my brother and I had a personal chauffeur...
trying to get the oil tank mocked up & decide on a seat.I got to get my finger outa my ass on this thing.

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